DUI/DWI Consequence and a CDL

Many times a month, we have to deal with folks charged with DUI or DWI in Desoto or North Mississippi, Tennessee, Memphis or West Memphis, Arkansas. Its a scary charge for them because the wrong outcome spells doom for the CDL and their livelihood and home. Each state is different in how they handle the DUI or DWI charge. For example, both Mississippi and Arkansas revoke your CDL prior to being convicted (or being exonerated). In these States, it is very important to fight these charges hard from the beginning, its the only way to get the CDL back. Tennessee on the other hand, doesn't suspend the license to the end of the case and only after a trial on the merits of suspension. Either-way, a conviction for DUI or DWI results in at least a five year suspension of your CDL privilege and the conviction will make it very difficult to find future employment due to insurance regulation. This revocation applies even if the DUI or DWI was "picked-up" in your private non-commercial vehicle and not your truck.

Hiring the right firm is the first step in defending your CDL. Call us today to discuss the specific facts of your case, each is different. We have helped thousands of Mid southerners charged with crimes, let us help you today.

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