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At Claiborne Ferguson Law Firm, P.A., we're dedicated to helping good people in bad situations. Read our case results to learn how we've successfully defended many clients in the past, securing favorable outcomes for their future.
  • Not Guilty
    March 2017 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee Client was charged with a Felon in Possession of a Hand Gun in Tennessee. Two eye witness security guards testified that they detained our client with a weapon in his pants and called the police. John discredited the two witnesses and in five minutes the jury returned with a not guilty verdict.
  • All charges dismissed
    August 2015 in Horn Lake, Desoto County, Mississippi Client was charged with second DUI in Mississippi. We successfully moved to have case dismissed based on stop without probable cause. Judge agreed after hearing that stop based on officers hearing the sound of a loud engine prior to seeing client in his vehicle 30 seconds later was illegal.
  • Not Guilty
    May 2015, Desoto County Justice Court, Mississippi Client was pulled over for turning too wide. Client performed field sobriety tests and refused breathalyzer. Preliminary breath test, which was not admissible at trial showed BAC over legal limit of .08%. We took case to trial. Client was found not guilty of DUI and careless driving
  • Not Guilty - Sentence Reduced
    September, 2018 in Shelby County, TN

    Our client was indicted for Attempted First Degree Murder and was facing up to twenty-five years in prison. At trial, John McNeil skillfully discredited all five of the prosecutor’s witnesses. The jury found our client not guilty of attempted murder and only convicted him of a lesser offense where he was sentenced to a term of probation.

  • Case Expunged
    October, 2018 in Shelby County, TN

    Our client was accused of Aggravated Child Abuse and looking at up to twelve years of incarceration. John McNeil reviewed the evidence and found several holes in the State’s case. After speaking with the prosecutors, we were able to not only keep our client out of jail, but gave him the opportunity to have the case completely expunged from his record.

  • Not Guilty on DUI
    September 2018 in Southaven, DeSoto County, Mississippi Client was pulled over for weaving in roadway, while driving from her work to a bar in Southaven late one night. Client admitted to drinking and blew .16 on portable breathalyzer. Mr. Lawyer convinced prosecutor that evidence was insufficient to convict on DUI. DUI charge was dismissed.
  • Not Guilty
    June 2018 in Cleveland, Bolivar County, Mississippi Client was charged with Aggravated Assault after shooting at two cars in the street in front of his house and injuring the driver of one car. Client claimed self-defense, after a long-running dispute between these men and himself. Hayden Lawyer successfully discredited the victim’s testimony and argued self-defense. The jury deliberated for only 30 minutes.

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