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Case: March 2017 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee

Facts of Case: Client was charged with a Felon in Possession of a Hand Gun in Tennessee. Two eye witness security guards testified that they detained our client with a weapon in his pants and called the police. John discredited the two witnesses and in five minutes the jury returned with a not guilty verdict.

Verdict: The charge was dismissed.

Case: August 2015 in Horn Lake, Desoto County, Mississippi

Facts of Case:Client was charged with second DUI in Mississippi. We successfully moved to have case dismissed based on stop without probable cause. Judge agreed after hearing that stop based on officers hearing the sound of a loud engine prior to seeing client in his vehicle 30 seconds later was illegal.

Verdict: All charges dismissed.

Case: May 2015, Desoto County Justice Court, Mississippi

Facts of Case: Client was pulled over for turning too wide. Client performed field sobriety tests and refused breathalyzer. Preliminary breath test, which was not admissible at trial showed BAC over legal limit of .08%. We took case to trial.

Verdict: Client was found not guilty of DUI and careless driving.

Case: December 2014, Memphis, Shelby County Criminal Court, Tennessee

Facts of Case: Client was accused of approaching man in car, robbing him, then kidnapping him to get more money by forcing him to use his ATM card at various banks. Client was facing over 35 years in jail. We took case to a jury trial, where we showed that the alleged victim's story was not possible.

Verdict: Client was found not guilty on all charges.

Charge: Driving under the Influence and Evading Arrest

Facts of Case: The police got an anonymous call about a disturbance in a Tipton county neighborhood. They responded to see what was the matter. As the police pulled into the cove, they saw a man yelling at the female driver of a car (Client). The police pursued her out of Tipton county, where she wrecked her car into a sign on the side of the road. She submitted to the field sobriety tests and BAC test. She blew well over a .08.

Verdict: Both charges dropped without costs.

Charge: Solicitation of Minor and Sexual Assault

Facts of Case: Client allegedly touched a 9 year old girl, who was the daughter of a friend.

Verdict: Jury found defendant Not Guilty; the little girl's story was not reliable, no other evidence.

Charge: Aggravated Robbery and 1st Degree Murder

Facts of Case: Client accused of having participated in a home robbery and the theft of their vehicles, co-defendant turned on defendant; based on our extensive investigation, we discovered that the witnesses and defendant's statements did not match the evidence in the case. Co-defendant was found guilty and received the death penalty (his is the youngest person put on death).

Verdict: First trial was a hung jury; second trial, jury reduced charge and found him guilty of 2 counts of criminal negligent homicide; he was released within a few months of the end of trial after having so much jail credit. One of his first stops was to our office. He stops and calls from time to time to check and see how Mr. Ferguson is doing. He went back to school and got a degree and now works to repair and rebuild computers.

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