New York Nanny Accused of Killing 2 Kids in Her Care

A New York nanny was arrested last year for the alleged murder of two young children who were in her care; the children were 2 and 6 years old. All around the country, working parents are relying on babysitters to care for their little ones, and for one family that trust resulted in the death of their children.

According to reports the 50 year old nanny Y.O. has been accused of stabbing the 6 year old girl and 2 year old boy in October of last year. When the mother returned home from their outing she discovered the bloody bodies of her two oldest children (the youngest infant remained in her care while the nanny watched the other 2) laying on the floor in their upscale NY apartment bathroom. The mother also found Y.O. laying on the floor with stab wounds to her neck that she believed to be self-inflicted.

After the incident, the nanny spent multiple weeks in the hospital recovering from the stab wounds and in November pleaded not guilty when accused of the murder of the two children. Reports from the neighborhood explain that the nanny was very close with the family, though the weeks leading up to the slaying she should signs of extreme stress likely caused by her recent financial hardships.

Y.O. was a woman who was never known to have violent tendencies, and as a mother who brought her son to the states for a good private education, she was struggling with money and could not afford the desired schooling. She did not seek after counseling in order to deal with some of the problems that show as facing, though her relatives nor did the counselors deem her as a violent person.

Being arrested for murder is a huge thing to grasp your mind around, and in this nanny's case it seems as though there is reason to believe she was not responsible for these actions; though it is not certain. For this reason hiring a strong defense lawyer will be her best chance of fighting for her freedom.

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