Charged With a Sex Crime?  What to do next...

Charged With a Sex Crime? What to do next...

Have you been accused of a Sex Crime? If you are reading this, then chances are you have either been accused or charged. FIRST......STOP TALKING TO ANYONE, ESPECIALLY THE POLICE ABOUT THIS. Even your wife or girl friend (or husband/boyfriend), can be turned against you by the police. The first step to defending yourself of this allegation is NOT TALKING TO ANYONE but your attorney.

It always amazes me the intelligent folks out there who think they can walk into a police interrogation, where officers can lie and deceive you, and think they can talk their way out of being charged. It does NOT happen. Even in cases where the victim lies/lied, I have never seen a prosecution halted prior to charging. It was only after our investigation of ALL THE FACTS and not just the lies that police are so quick to believe that charges have been dismissed.

Also, do not give anyone access to your computers, phones or emails/texts. These can often be used to take the most innocuous comments and twist them into a form of confession.

Do not agree to take a lie-detector test with police, this is an old trick. They don't even read the results before they tell you that you failed and that your lying. They want you to feel helpless and to drive you into any statements that they can call a confession. We handle all the lie-detector testing and it is private unless we need it to negotiate with the prosecuting attorneys.

You need a law firm, a team of lawyers and investigators, to build a successful defense to these charges. We have successfully handled hundreds of similar cases and can handle yours. The first step is to pick up the phone a call today.


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