Licensed to Practice In Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi

At The Claiborne Ferguson Law Firm, P.A., our criminal attorney is licensed to practice in the states of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. This can be a very important advantage to a person facing criminal charges in more than one state, or who has been arrested in one state but resides in another. The laws vary greatly from state to state, and it is imperative that your defense counsel is familiar with how the judicial system works in the state in which you were charged.

In order to practice criminal defense law in any state, an attorney must go through the process of becoming licensed in that state. Each state has different requirements to gain the legal right to practice criminal defense or other form of law in that state. The majority of lawyers focus just on serving those in their home state, and may never seek to gain admission to practice in other states. We don't feel that way. At our firm, our focus upon serving our clients with the most effective defense counsel has led us to make it possible to serve as defense counsel across the three states of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Our associate attorney, Haden Lawyer gained his law degree in Memphis, and has experience in various areas, including family law, immigration and civil litigation, but has now focused his efforts on criminal defense. He is an aggressive advocate and talented trial lawyer, and if you are facing charges in the states of Tennessee, Arkansas or Mississippi, call our firm at once. We are prepared to help you to seek the most positive outcome possible, based upon what happened. We want to hear your side of the story. Call us at The Claiborne Ferguson Law Firm, P.A. today.

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