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Defining the Crime of Robbery

Robbery is one of the most serious of all theft crimes and is punished as a felony in the state of Tennessee. Defined in Tennessee Code Annotated § 39-13-401, robbery is committed when a person intentionally or knowingly steals property from another individual's person by violence or by putting them in fear. Robbery is not to be confused with theft, which does not involve violence or stealing from the person of another. It is also different from burglary, since burglary involves entering a building or structure and committing a theft, felony, or assault inside. Robbery can happen anytime, anywhere, as long as the stolen property was taken directly from someone's person, immediate presence, or control, and involved violence or threats thereof.

Fighting Your Robbery Charges

If you have been arrested under charges of robbery, do not hesitate to retain a Memphis criminal defense attorney. The Claiborne Ferguson Law Firm, P.A. has more than 20 years of experience in criminal law and has practiced extensively at trial. Our firm will jump straight into your case and begin building the strongest defense possible based on the details that we obtain through skilled investigation. Robbery charges can be fought on a number of different grounds.

First of all, our firm may be able to obtain a reduction of your charges from robbery to a lesser theft offense, such as burglary or simple theft. If we can obtain evidence and prove that you did not take the property directly from a person and / or use violence or threats of violence, your charges could be reduced. Our ultimate goal, however, is to have your case dismissed altogether. The sooner you speak with a criminal lawyer from our firm, the sooner we can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your legal options.

Penalties for Robbery in Tennessee

Robbery is divided into three different levels in the Tennessee Code Annotated (T.C.A.). The first is simple robbery, which is found under T.C.A. § 39-13-401. Aggravated robbery is defined in T.C.A. § 39-13-402 as robbery accomplished with a deadly weapon or display of any article used or fashioned to lead the victim to reasonably believe it to be a deadly weapon, or where the victim suffers bodily injury. Especially aggravated robbery is found in T.C.A. § 39-13-403 and is defined as robbery accomplished with a deadly weapon where the victim suffers serious bodily injury. This is a Class A felony. The penalties for each of these three types of robbery are as follows:

  • Robbery (T.C.A. § 39-13-403)
  • Class C felony
  • Imprisonment for 3 – 15 years
  • Fine of up to $10,000
  • Aggravated Robbery (T.C.A. § 39-13-402)
  • Class B felony
  • Imprisonment for 8 – 30 years
  • Fine of up to $25,000
  • Especially Aggravated Robbery (T.C.A. § 39-13-403)
  • Class A felony
  • Imprisonment for 15 – 60 years
  • Fine of up to $50,000

Contact the Claiborne Ferguson Law Firm, P.A.

Our firm is dedicated to relentless and skilled defense for clients facing all types of criminal charges. If you are convicted of robbery, your future career could be ruined due to your criminal record. Our firm will fight to prove that you charges should be reduced to a lesser offense, or that your charges should be dropped altogether. Attorney Ferguson is Certified as a Specialist in Criminal Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, which means that he has passed extensive testing and peer review and has logged countless hours at trial. We have the experience and the aggression to defend you from a conviction that could wreak havoc on your life. Call a Memphis criminal lawyer today or fill out our online case evaluation request form to set up a consultation with our firm.

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