Sex Crimes

Memphis Sex Crime Attorney

If you have been charged with a sex offense in Tennessee and Mississippi, then you could face some extremely harsh penalties upon conviction. There are many different types of sex offenses that you could be charged with, including possession or distribution of child pornography, sexual assault, and rape. Depending on the specifics of your charge, your criminal history, and other elements of your case, you could face various penalties for conviction of this type of crime.

Rape charges can include statutory rape, which is intercourse with an individual who is under the legal age of consent or the forcible penetration of any sexual region of an individual without their consent. Depending on various circumstances of your case, you could face up to 12 years in prison for aggravated statutory rape or up to 6 years for statutory rape. If you are charged with the crime of rape, then you will face Class B felony charges, which can carry up to 12 years in prison. Whether you were accused of a federal sex crime or have questions regarding the sex offender registry, please talk to us as soon as possible.

Defending Your Legal Rights in Sex Crime Cases

As skilled and highly experienced litigators, our Memphis criminal defense attorneys understand the severity of the situation that you face if you have been charged with a sex offense such as rape or sexual assault. It is important that you educated yourself or let us educate you regarding your situation, and that you are provided with the representation that you need in order to aggressively combat the charges made against you. If you are arrested and charged with this offense, then utilize your Fifth Amendment rights and remain silent. Confession or any other information given to an official will most likely hurt your case. You need to retain skilled representation before giving any information to law officials. Contact a Memphis criminal lawyer today to discuss your criminal charges and to begin the process of building a strong defense of your case.

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